Main data

Kazakhstan Stock Exchange JSC (KASE, or the Exchange) represents a multi-functional trading platform.

KASE’s services include the listing of securities and admission of other financial instruments to circulation, operation of the trading in financial instruments using various trade methods compliant with the type of financial instruments, provision of pre- and post-trading procedures, performance of bookrunner functions at offering of securities, execution of clearing and settlement on particular exchange markets, market risks management as well as selling of market data and delivery of technological solutions.

The Exchange operates based on licenses issued by the National Bank of the Republic of Kazakhstan:

  1. License No. 4.2.3/1 for operation on the securities market dated July 19, 2012 that entitles its holder to carrying out:
    • activities involving the operation of trading in securities and other financial instruments;
    • clearing of transactions in financial instruments on the securities market.
  2. License No. 4.3.8 for carrying out banking transactions in the national and foreign currencies issued on September 5, 2018.

KASE carries out functions of the central counteragent on the foreign currency market and derivatives market.

As of January 1, 2019 there were securities of 160 issuers in the Exchange’s list, among them are major companies from the quasi-public sector of the Republic of Kazakhstan, banks, private companies.

Members of the Exchange and participants of exchange trading are 25 of 28 licensed second-tier banks, all licensed brokerage companies of the Republic of Kazakhstan, two foreign brokerage companies and two international financial institutions.

KASE offers to investors and professional participants of the securities market a broad range of information products providing exchange information in real time, archived and reference data.