Improving the image of the Exchange and increasing awareness of its operations

The Exchange regularly organizes a series of information and explanatory events for journalists aimed at strengthening of partnership relations of the Exchange with media for purposes of shedding light on information about Kazakhstan’s securities market.

In 2018 KASE held eight monthly media briefings and four press conferences devoted to quarterly results of the Exchange’s operations.

To increase the brand recognition and retain the positive image of the exchange platform, programs like “KASE daily”, “KASE weekly”, “Stock market. Status Pro” were launched on Atameken Business Channel. Also, a short video presentation on the Exchange in Russian and English, and an image commercial of the Exchange in Kazakh and Russian were released. During 2018 ABCTV hosted 24 broadcasts called “Stock market: Status PRO”, 193 issues of “On the course” and 40 “KASE weeklies”.

In 2018 the exchange conducted a series of events associated with KASE’s 25th anniversary.

On November 16, 2018 Kazakhstan Exchange Forum was held in Almaty as part of the VIII Congress of financiers organized by the National Bank of the Republic of Kazakhstan jointly with the Association of Financiers of Kazakhstan.

Kazakhstan Exchange Forum became the central discussion platform of the stock market and Central-Asian region shedding light on issues of economy funding through stock market instruments, development of the exchange infrastructure and promotion of exchange instruments; issues related to the integration process of the financial market, also within the EAEU and issues of the changing landscape of the market and financial services under implementation of digital technologies.

The event saw participation of more than 500 persons — heads of Kazakhstan’s financial organizations, foreign stock exchanges, investment banks, government authorities, Kazakhstan’s national and private companies, representatives of Kazakhstan’s and international professional financial associations, international experts.

In the run-up to its 25th anniversary KASE released a book devoted to the history of the Exchange and Kazakhstan’s financial market. The book was released in three languages: Kazakh — as “Болашақ құрылу тарихы”, Russian — “Как создавалось будущее” and English — “Building the Future”.

The book describes the history of Kazakhstan’s financial market and the Exchange beginning from 1993 — the year of KASE’s establishment. When writing the book, authors used KASE’s archives, open sources and memoires of persons who were pioneers on Kazakhstan’s financial market.

The book is designed for a broad range of readers: from professionals of the financial market, and lecturers of economics universities — to students and all those who are interested in Kazakhstan’s financial history.

At the same time, the Exchange launched an online project called “History in persons” — prepared and released on its website a series of materials (essays and interviews), consisting of personal memoires of persons who played a substantial role in the development of the country’s financial market. Some of them were used in the work on the book called “Building the future”.

KASE’s anniversary was also marked with the opening of the Exchange’s museum that features more than 100 exhibit items representing historic value for Kazakhstan’s stock market.

Another information platform of the Exchange is the project called KASE Talks that started in March 2018 in the format of public lectures with participation of leading professionals of the financial market who made a significant contribution to the building and development of Kazakhstan’s financial market. The purpose of KASE Talks is to increase people’s awareness of the conditions in which the financial market of the Republic of Kazakhstan evolves and main factors influencing its development.

A total of six KASE Talks lectures were organized last year with the participation on Azamat Joldasbekov, Damir Karassaev, Eldar Abdrazakov, Sholpan Ainabaeva, Anvar Saidenov and Yelena Bakhmutova. Lectures gained popularity and gathered listeners of various categories in one auditorium: students, young specialists from banks and brokerage firms, journalists.

For purposes of implementation of the information policy aimed at creating interesting news content of the Exchange, KASE’s official pages were created on social platforms for various targets auditoriums — from youth environment to expert community.