Development of IT-systems

Works on migration of information systems into modern efficient third-party data processing centres (DPC) with high level of failure safety were completed. All information systems of the Exchange capable of operating on virtual servers, were moved to the virtualized environment.

In 2018 new modules for ensuring the operation of the Central Counteragent (CC) were launched in the NEXT trading system. Additionally, improvements were made in this system to provide brokers with access to currency trading.

For purposes of improving the main systems: trading system, clearing system, FIX-gateways the following items were launched in 2016-2018:

  • BOS and CS — 9 versions and 5 sub-versions, 1 release and 4 pre-releases;
  • АСТ — 12 versions and 6 sub-versions;
  • FIX TR — 7 versions;
  • NEXT — 5 versions.

For purposes of increasing the failure safety of the trading systems, technical releases of the АСТ and NEXT trading systems were launched in 2017.