Mission, purposesand main lines of the KASE development strategy 2016-2018

Main tasks defined in the Exchange’s development strategy for 2016–2018, are aimed at developing Kazakhstan’s stock market and improvement of the exchange infrastructure. Results of efforts are presented below.


Assistance in sustainable economic development of Kazakhstan by way of providing technological infrastructure for fundraising to local companies from the public and private sectors and provision of a reliable, stable and transparent investment environment for local and foreign investors.


Technical modernization which in association with marketing activity, open information policy and increased attention to interests of investors and issuers of securities will lead to a significant growth of the volume and liquidity of the exchange market, as well as to an increase in the business funding through stock market instruments.

Main lines of the Strategy 2016-2018

  1. Development of the exchange market.
    • Attracting new issuers to the stock market
    • Expanding the investor base
    • Development of the currency market
    • Development of clearing activities
  2. Making the Exchange and its services focus more on clients.
    • Work with market participants and members of the Exchange
    • Development of the corporate website
    • Improving the Exchange’s image and increasing awareness of its operations
    • Improving the quality of services
  3. Increasing the efficiency and competitiveness of the exchange business.
    • Promoting and selling information
    • Developing IT-systems
    • Modernization of the operational risk management system